15 February 2009

Valentine package and gift

Play Asia box and a Belgian chocolate box.

A day late to post, but i got both the gift and the box yesterday, 14 February to be exact. That's why i said Valentine package and gift. The gift is a box of Belgian chocolates set, my girl gave that to me as a valentine gift. I prefer Belgian chocolates better than Swiss chocolates, it's been a while since i ate a Belgian one. And right at the morning of valentine day i also got this Play-Asia package.

MaxFact's figma Yagami Hayate and Alter's Teana Lanster.

What's inside, it's pretty easy to guess... Teana Lanster manufactured by Alter and figma Yagami Hayate manufactured by Max Factory. Both characters obviously are from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers. The shipment took 12 days, and for a economy air box, that is damn fast. To save shipment cost and custom cost, i tried to combine order for figures that released on the same month, that's why i received figma Hayate pretty late.

As usual, figma Hayate's parts.

This figma parts photos could be the last photos of figma parts, because as i said before, this could by my last figma purchase, just to complete Nanoha series character. And just as usual, from this figma Hayate you got: Hayate herself, 2 faces (normal smile and action), 2 front hairs (with and without cap), her cap, black wings, closed book and open book, the staff, base, and usual set of hands plus 2 book grabbing hands and 1 staff grabbing hand.

The issue here: books easy to fall off.

Kinda disappointed with Hayate face and head this time. Her face and front hair looks kinda weird, not cute and not very beautiful. Don't be tricked by the photos. If you think that the book won't fall off easily, then you're totally wrong. It's pretty hard to put her book and prevent it to fall off her hand.

Hayate in action.

Same for her opened book, there are 2 issues regarding this opened book. First, her book is still easy to fall off, eventhough there's a specially designed hand to grab it. The second issue is about the joint, it's so loose that you can't even get it straight. But for a figma fans and Nanoha series fans, i guess this figure is still good to have.

Teana Lanster's parts.

Moving on to my favorite, Teana Lanster. Yeah... Teana is my most favorite character in Nanoha Strikers, and this figure is my most anticipated figures this time. Alter provided the normal gun mode and the dagger mode. It's pretty easy to change it, and you can take off her white vest. Her white vest is pretty flexible.

Cross Mirage - gun mode.

This is Teana's Cross Mirage's gun mode, her usual armament. I guess this would be another favorite for me. The only thing i don't really like is her pose. I can't really see her body from the front and her right eyes if i want to see her from her eyes direction.

Cross Mirage - dagger mode.

As i said before, you can remove her white vest, but i don't know if her belt can be removed and also her white skirt. Kinda afraid to remove her belt, because it can't really get through her chest. Forgot the details but i never see Teana only wears her inner suit in the anime, but i already saw that on the Movic version of Teana Lanster.

I'm planning on making a photo of her become my blog banner.

Oh yeah, this is what I'm waiting for. Action photos of Teana Lanster. Maybe i take more of them (with white background) for banner purpose. I'll try to make some nice photo of her, crop it at the right size, and make it my banner. Well, just wait for the result... Anyway, she looks soooo cool, with her left eye covered by her hair!

Low angle of her, to make her pantie eyes visible.

I've added one more photo of her, because Teana is my favorite character and this figure is great. And also, I'd like to make a photo of her with both her eyes visible. It's pretty hard that i have to lay myself on the ground to get a good low angle of her. And also as a result for my low angling, her pantie is showing, it's black. XD

Well, that's it for now... And also, feel free to share any story of what you get in your valentine day. So, see you at the next post!


  1. Thats the best Valentine's gift you can get ever!
    I mean, Teana...wow!!

  2. Yeah, that's why, it's twice the fun on valentine day.

  3. I still prefer Swiss. xD
    Awesome loot. Tenna was my least favourite unfortunately but I find her pose very dynamic.
    Action pose FTW!!! ^^

  4. Swiss chocolates are sweeter than Belgian, and i prefer bitter chocolate.

    It's a pity that Teana has a small number of fans, and i'm inside one of this small number.

  5. Wherever I go, I see people posting about Hayate. It's neat how you pointed out the issue with her falling book, though. Nice shoot.

  6. I guess figma Hayate is in every people's get list. figma figures always their issues, and i'm here to let people know what's good and what's bad about it.

  7. eh I just knew her white vest is removable! nice one, canceled mine tho, going to grab this later when A$ gets better haha

  8. Yeah, the white vest is removable, just like Movic's Teana.

    Anyway, too bad you cancelled her. She's a great figure, and once again thanks Alter for that.

  9. I will wait for more shoots of your Teana. I did not cancel my order, so I should get mine soon... but I cancelled Signum :(

    For the pose, it is the problem of a character who is looking backwards : people have to choose between seeing the face and seeing the body. I had the same dilemna with the Kallen Stadtfeld by Alpha x Omega. Nonetheless I find that Teana's pose is not common : that's a positive point.

    Btw is it possible to know is Teana can stand without the base?

  10. For the shoot, i think you have to wait a little bit longer.

    Yeah, about the pose, you're right. But because of her pose, if you see her from a lower angle, you can see her black pantie. XD

    Anyway, she can stand easily without the base.

  11. i love her castoffable jacket. the black top is hawt^^ can't wait to get around to my own review...

    almost bought hayate but i decided to save up money for alter stuff ^^;; (and probably the huge swimsuit nanoha ^^;)

  12. Yeah, that swimsuit Nanoha is tempting, especially with that rumor about Fate bikini figure will also be created.

  13. ahhh i waste my valentine day somehow :d such a nice day you have :)

    go teana go go!! [well i'm not her fans but my friend is :)]

  14. Wasted or not depending on things you did on that day.

  15. Hey Sonic its me Roy I'm back from my long departure,sorry I've been absent so long:my site for details :)
    If you remember me of course haha

  16. I still remember, don't worry. I always keep checking your blog's live feed eventhough it's not updated.

  17. I got the Hayate figma too, but I have a lot of problems with it. The wrist for holding the book is too weak, so whenever I put a book on the hand, it just drops off. Also, if I attach the wings, then my Hayate just drops off whenever I touch it. Same goes for the tip of the stick. ;___;

  18. Yeah, i got all those problems you mentioned. That's the reason why this Hayate will be my last figma.

  19. Figma quality seems to be getting worse IMO, wasn't this bad for the first few ones. Among the recent ones, I'll say only Shana was good.

  20. You're right. The best figma i got in my posession so far is Kagami, still no problem with her.