08 September 2009

Haruhi Gekisou – Max Factory


Suzumiya Haruhi Gekisou version.

Ouch… some school works forced me to make a week of pause between my last post and this post. Well whatever, this time i bring you another set of figure photos for one of my favorite figure: Suzumiya Haruhi Gekisou version. Get yourself ready for a total of 30 photos of the figure.


Max Factory manufactured this.

This figure is manufactured by the best figure manufacturer ever: Max Factory. I know MaxFact can create such wonderful masterpieces. But lately I’ve been disappointed by MaxFact. I don’t know how you guys feel with figma, but i guess MaxFact has been too focused with their “side” projects or even made this “side” projects become their main projects, and left the PVC building as the side projects.


Why make figma if they can produce something great like this?

As i said before, i don’t know how you guys feel with figma. Maybe some of you were happy collecting figma because of its posability, its cheap price, and most figma models came from popular characters. IMO, MaxFact is “wasting” their skills on projects like that, while us (or me?), static PVC lovers, left unserved, and maybe start to lean to other great manufacturer like Alter. Please do excuse me for saying things like this, especially if you’re a figma lovers, I’m just trying to express my feeling.


SOS-dan + concert = GODLIKE!

Enough about MaxFact ranting, let’s get into the figure. As you may know, around July 2007, there’s a big concert of Suzumiya Haruhi, called Suzumiya Haruhi no Gekisou. Its filled with Haruhi songs goodness like God Knows, Hare hare dance, etc. This Haruhi and her outfit came from the official promotion illustration of that concert. I saw that picture and thought about how great SOS-dan girls in those outfit. And 2 years later, the figures were at last released.


Cheerful and full of spirit Haruhi, well it’s her concert spirit after all.

Haruhi came with a different hairstyle this time. Yes, dig out some illustration of the concert and you’ll know that Haruhi had a different hairstyle. It’s very detailed, with that tied part of her hair and her ahoge. Her face? Just as usual, it’s the full of spirit and cheerful Haruhi we all know. She looks soooo great! Totally perfect!


The best Haruhi ever.

Max Factory’s sculpt is as usual almost perfect. I said almost because there maybe a few little unexpected flaws lurking around. But as usual, it looks better than the other. This maybe the best Haruhi figure ever released, except you prefer the school uniform better, then get the Alter or the old Max Factory version.


Nice eyes.

Max Factory really brought us the Gekisou concert spirit to our home via this figure. It’s all written on her full of spirit face. Oh, and her eyes, MaxFact produced the best eyes of figure IMO. Those eyes can give a live and sparkling feeling, and figures from other manufacturers can’t bring that in their figures (including Alter).


A side view of half of her body.

The minus part of this figure is the pose. Although Haruhi is in a concert, she doesn’t have that dynamic pose like Alter figures have. An even more energetic pose or dynamic pose can add up the joy of the concert.


Haruhi Gekisou concert… is it good? Never watch it.

I myself never watch Aya Hirano in that gekisou outfit, and that means i never watch the gekisou concert. So i can’t really compare this figure with the real world result. But, I’d love to see if there’s a video of Haruhi (anime version) singing God Knows in those concert getups.


The microphone.

She’s the vocalist, so she got this microphone hanging behind her right ear. Looks great for a concert accessory.


Her hair, around 60 degrees above.

A view from above, to get a clearer view around her hair. That ahoge really stands up. I never see any Haruhi with ahoge in the anime. I don’t know how she does her hair but making that ahoge stands out is pretty hard XD . Anyway, even with that new hairstyle, she still wears that Haruhi’s favorite hairband, except this time her side ribbons aren’t there.


A view from the back.

Her outfit is pretty revealing, especially around her shoulder and stomach. The skirt and the frills on the edge of her tank top give a gothic feeling for Haruhi. It’s not a totally gothic Haruhi though. Similar to Mikuru, it has frills around the edges of her clothes and layered skirt.


Nicely done!

Her upper body is surprisingly revealing. Her arms and stomach aren’t covered at all. They got a pretty nice design on the tank top, especially by adding frills around the edges. Nicely sculpted around here, and it’s pretty detailed on the wrinkles right below her boobs.


Cross necklace.

I’m a Catholic and Cross is a symbol of Catholic, so why Haruhi wears this? I thought she’s the God never knew about her religion in the anime. But above all that, this necklace is pretty nice accessory! If you noticed even deeper, there are another necklace and a belt choker on her neck. The other necklace is permanently sculpted on the body, it’s not separated like this necklace.


Ideal boobs for girls around her age.

Nice boobs, but not maximized. I know MaxFact did this because they want to keep Mikuru’s boobs as the biggest boobs in the gekisou set XD . Overall, Haruhi still got a nice boobs, you can still feel it and t** f***ed by it. It has nice size, but her cleavage isn’t revealed unlike Mikuru.


Her right arm.

Her right arm got this red long armband covering her lower right arm and half of the upper right arm. And she’s also tied with some black belts around her arms. Just accessories to keep synchronized with the official illustration i guess.


Her right hand.

And her right hand with red guitar pick on it. It’s a pretty small part, and it’s prone to small paint flow. Yes… small paint flows do happen even in MaxFact’s products. The other bad part here is her fingernails aren’t painted, it’s not that bad but it could add the fun factor of a figure.


Her left arm.

Her left arm, which has nothing on it except that black thing on her upper arm. It’s the part of her tank top. I guess that’s all for the left arm.


Her left hand, handling the guitar keys.

And this is her left hand which handles the guitar keys. Sorry i don’t know anything about guitar, so i can’t tell you much about the guitar and all, do correct me if I’m wrong regarding this guitar parts, because after this, we’re moving to the guitar parts!


The guitar of Haruhi Suzumiya.

And this is the guitar, her famous guitar. She played using this guitar once in the first season episode 12 “Live A Live”, singing God Knows. That scene is the best scene I ever watched and that scene burned to my heart. I will never ever forget that scene. Anyway, the guitar is pretty detailed and has nice paintjobs on it. Great job MaxFact!


Italia Mondial Classic.

Did a little search while writing this and i found something interesting from Sankaku Complex. It is said that Haruhi’s guitar is Italia Mondial Classic, and Yuki’s white guitar is Gibson SG Special White while Yui’s guitar is GITAAHHH!!! . Anyway, those guitar chords are real strings, don’t know if they’re just a string shaped plastics or a real string, but unlike Chua Churam’s guitar they’re not sculpted on the guitar.


Nice layered skirt, also gives a gothic feeling.

We’re done with guitar and moving on the skirt part. It’s a pretty unique skirts. It has 3 layers, the first layer is semi invisible, and the front skirt length is far shorter than the back length. It’s easier to peek below! XD


Her left leg.

Her left leg has a shorter sock compared to her right leg. It’s colored green, has some patterns, a ribbons, and frills on the edge. Those frills also give the gothic feeling for this figure. Anyway, the right leg’s sock is pretty long it reached her thigh, too bad i didn’t take a photo of it.


Her left shoes.

And this is her left shoes. The sculpt is greatly done! Yeah, and it looks shiny, as good as new, nice paintjob especially by adding that glossy effect.


A high angled photos for you.

That’s all the details parts, and here we go, a full view of this figure from above. Looks pretty normal, and no cleavage revealing for you. The parts that stand out here are her guitar and her skirt.


The mandatory pantie shot!

Ahem… Now you see it! It’s a pretty normal white pantie, and it’s already my job to bring a mandatory pantie shot for you otakus! XD


Blue light!

As to make a concert feeling, i tried to experiment with my wireless flash. It’s easy to make this color effect as long as you have a wireless flash set. Just prepare a colored carton / paper / cloth / whatever you have. Put it in your mini studio as the exchange of your reflector. Do your shot, and done! You got your colored effect photos. I know maybe some of you would like to do that in Photoshop, but I was pretty lazy for Photoshopping and chose this way instead.


Green colored!

Got a total of 4 photos with color effects, and each photos have different colors. This time is green. I also took this chance to experiment with some angles i didn’t take in photos above.


Pink colored!

Pink carton isn’t too strong to reflect weak flash, so i had to fire a stronger flash and the result is this. It’s a pretty harsh light result from Haruhi’s right hand side considering the flash was already reflected.


Red colored! And POI: gekisou!

And the last is IMO the best color effect I’ve done, just like Fate Testarossa photos. Oh and the POI of this figure is the “Gekisou” part. Everyone bought this figure because she got concert costume, guitar, and got the concert feelings in it. And that’s the best selling part of this figure.

That’s it for my review. For other reviews, you can go here (I’ve listed some):

Phew, that’s a pretty long list. If you also want to be listed here, please do tell me, I’ll put it right away!

Yeah… that’s all for now. See you at the next post!


  1. Beautiful picture for the best Haruhi. Your shooting is great, like always. Congratulation ^^

  2. That's quite an impressively detailed figure. I don't own any Max Factory figures aside from Figma. They don't do much else these days...
    Never been much of a Haruhi fan, but I do like her outfit ^^. Nice pics too :)

  3. Wow, awesome pictures!!
    I really like this Haruhi figure. Do you have the complete set??

  4. @Leonia
    Thanks as always. Maybe i'll also submit as another article at yours.

    Yeah, that's Max Factory's real skill. You can't see much of their skill in those figma.

    Thanks! Yeah, i got 3 of them, and i'll manage to get the review done ASAP for Mikuru and Yuki.

  5. I still have mine boxed, but your excellent pics are tempting me to open her ^_^;; I think Max Fact do a lot of Figma because they are quicker to develop and maybe the profit margin is a lot better on them considering most figma parts seem universal and you don't need to sculpt the whole thing everytime.

    Of course I'm a figma fan so I kinda like what they are doing now, though I wish they made some PVCs of Nanoha / Fate ^_^;;

  6. @acesan
    You better open it, she's suffocating! XD

    Anyway, yeah... about the figma, that was my personal opinion of course. But just as you said, i guess figmas have more buyer than normal PVCs have.

  7. Wow.. nice pic ^^ can see the love in her ^^

    really like the gekisou haruhi edition very well made ^^

    but the prices stop me from buying it TT___TT

  8. @razrig
    Thanks! I know it's a great figure, but it's expensive.

  9. well i must say this is max factorys first really good work, all other are fucking horrible(not painting but pose, face and stuff) cant understand what you like on max factory :o

  10. If you're talking about figma, yes... they're pretty much horrible just as you said. But their past PVC figures were just as great as this.

  11. nice shot :d

    but figma is fun to play with

  12. @vixion
    I guess so, except you have enough time to play with them.