24 April 2008

Destiny Gundam - MG

Destiny Gundam MG

Destiny Gundam, my brother's first MG Gunpla kits. Because of this MG Destiny, we know that all the Gundam we bought before (Deathscythe HG, Strike Freedom Lightning, and Wing Zero NG 1/60) isn't very good as an MG kit would be.

Z.A.F.T (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty) mobile suit

An MG Gunpla kit is awesome. By looking at the manual book, we already know that the parts are special and the posability itself it's totally great, compared to HG. Yeah, that's an MG for you i guess. That's why my brother decided to sell all his HG Gundam, and yeah... All 3 of them are already sold now.

So here's a little detail of this Gundam :
Destiny Gundam
ZGMF-X42S ZAFT Mobile Suit
Master Grade 1/100

This Destiny Gundam got some nice weapons. A giant 2-handed sword (i always called it Sword Strike since it used by Sword Strike Gundam), a rail gun, a rifle, beam saber, and boomerang. In standby mode, the Sword Strike and the rail gun are mounted on its back.

Sword Strike and Rail Gun mounted on the back

Its beam saber is mounted on both shoulder, just like Wing Zero did on its beam saber. The difference is, the saber hilt isn't hidden inside the shoulder, but outside the shoulder.

Beam saber mount

It has 2 beam sabers, each on both side of shoulders. You only got 2 hilts from the parts, but the parts give you a total of 2 long beams and 2 short beams. You can use them as a combination of dual sword, sword and dagger, or dual dagger.

Beam Saber and Beam Dagger (boomerang to be exact)

Weilding a dual weapon is cool as always

Another equipment it has is physical shield. Often used with rifle. It's a normal shield that almost all Gundam should have.

Rifle and shield action

Railgun is another great weapon Destiny Gundam has. The rail gun still stay mounted on the backpack even in shooting mode.

A railgun action

The other and IMO the best weapon it got is a Giant Sword. I called it Sword Strike since it used by Sword Strike Gundam. I played a Gundam Seed simulation game in PS2, and i like to use a Sword Strike Gundam, since it's full of greate sword slashing action.

Two-handed Sword Strike action

Another 2-handed Sword Strike Action

Magic on the left hand, Sword Strike on the right hand

Another feature i've seen on the book and the box is a magic (?). In the kit, you'll got a fixed pose hand like the photo above. It's seems like emitting a magic beam from the hand. Oh yeah, it also has a beam shield.

Magic beam and a beam shield action

And the last feature is the cockpit. It looks like it's hard to open the cockpit. My brother opened it for me to get it photographed.

A cockpit here

Well, that's it for Destiny Gundam. I guess the best set of photoshot i got from Sunday session is this set. Especially the black background that fit the Destiny Gundam. And also this is the last set of photoshot. But don't worry, still one more post to come. Look forward for what's inside the next post.

Camera info :
Canon EOS 400D
Canon EF-S 18-55mm F3.5-5.6
Canon EF 55-200mm F4.5-5.6

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