21 April 2008

Shana Candy Bikini - The Photoshoot

Shana Candy Bikini

So this is my latest photo session. Done this photoshoot session yesterday (Sunday, April 20th 2008). I was experimenting new background color and newly installed Canon EOS software, EOS Utility.

By using this utility, i can use my USB cable to connect my SLR to PC. After connecting my SLR to PC, EOS Utility can help me set my camera and shot from PC, and after that the photo will be directly downloaded to PC.

Pressing shutter button from EOS Utility can help you to prevent motion blur. And downloading photo after shot can help you to check your result with more detail.

I also tried new software from Canon EOS package. It's Digital Photo Professional. It helps you browse and edit your photos quickly. You can edit level, curves, noise reduction, and thangs that have connection with the RGB.

Well, enough of talking about EOS Utility. Shana's already waiting from the beginning :P. I already told you about Shana Candy Bikini's "secret" feature before. So i won't talk much in this post. I'll let the photos do the talking.

Oh, before the photos, i won't miss the figure details:
Shana Candy Bikini
1/8 Scale
JPY 4800
I bought this from HLJ. I think it's still in stock, if you want to get one.

Shana complete with her Nietono no Shana

I don't see her tsun-tsun face

Next up is close up photos. I noticed that i need to show special details of this figure. But since i don't have any macro lens, so i have to use my tele EF 55-200mm lens, with closest focus distance of 1.2m, so i have to step backward a little bit.

And even Alastor here too, don't miss her Deliciously Flat Chest

Her upper swimsuit it's somewhat special, i like it!

Her lower swimsuit complete with ribbon on both sides, came with custom sand base

I didn't do a photoshot of her transparent bikini here. And i also didn't do a photoshot of her glowing hair, like i said before.

Camera info:
Canon EOS 400D
Canon EF-S 18-55mm
Canon EF 55-200mm

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