20 April 2008

Wing Gundam Zero

Sorry for the late update man. Oh yeah, so many assignments, once again, can kill me. I even forgot to change the picture of the week last week.

Wing Gundam Zero

This is last week photoshoot. It's photograph of :
Wing Gundam Zero
XXXG - 00W0
Non-grade 1/60 scale
Yet another non-grade big scale Gundam. A non-grade Gundam isn't really as good as i thought. It has a number of parts as many as the HG one, except it's much bigger. Anyway, my brother already sold this Wing Zero a week after this photoshoot session.

Wing Zero and blue skies

Shield action

Closed up shield action

Dual Beam Rifle in action

Beam Rifle and Beam Saber

Next are some features that this Wing Zero has:

Wing Gundam Zero bird mode

Machine gun on shoulder

Putting Beam Saber in shoulder

I spent this Sunday to photograph some of my new collections and my brothers MG Destiny Gundam. I'll post one figure photoshoot per day, from tomorrow, so look forward to it.

Camera info :
Canon EOS 400D
Canon EF 55-200m


  1. is this from the kit or is like the more action figure like rubbery ones. I am asking because i would like to buy one myself.if you have any info on me buying one could you send me the info to my email address at gustavobrcn_jr@yahoo.com

  2. i like this gundam model.Just today i bought one of these models off the internet. I just hope is't not the rubber kind that nother dude was talking about.