06 April 2008

Strike Freedom Lightning Edition

Strike Freedom Lightning Edition

Still remember this Strike Freedom? I mentioned about this before. Around 2 weeks ago i found out that the weather was clear enough to do outdoor figure photoshoot, so i took my brother's Strike Freedom to rooftop and do a little photo session.

Full view of Strike Freedom Lightning Edition

This Gundam isn't a Master Grade or Perfect Grade. It's a Non-Grade 1/60 scale Gundam. So the posability and the balance isn't really good. A base is a must if you want to create some cool pose for this Gundam.

Dual guns pose is always cool

Dual guns again (too bad with the base)

Strike Freedom equipped with Beam Saber and Shield

It's hard to make it stand without its base. So i have to fold up The Dragoon (wing unit) and make the upper body leans forward.

Crossed dual Beam Saber

Crossed Dual Beam Saber from different angle

Strike Freedom's face

Cockpit in the chest with pilot in it

Camera info :
Canon EOS 400D
Canon EF-S 18-55mm
Canon EF 55-200mm


  1. foto gundamnya rata2 diambil dari posisi bagus yg menunjukan karekteristik gundamnya kecuali foto yg no 2 dan 3
    foto no2 terlalu center spot dan lingkungan sekitar masih terlihat sehingga membuat tampilan foto kurang menarik

  2. As for this time, i'll use Indonesian language, hehe.

    Yeah, kalo dibilang center spot tu soalnya jg cari full bodinya dengan sayap terbuka. Bukan art yang dicari tp biar detilnya dapet.

    Dan soal lingkungan, memang aku masi blon isa ngakalin angle dan viewnya biar dapet bagus.

  3. I love Strike Freedom Gundam!!! nice shots..

    what is the difference with lightning and non-lightning edition? O_o

  4. Thanks man. Actually i forgot to photograph the main feature of this lightning edition. Haha... :P

    Lightning edition is a non-grade one, with big scale (1/60). Inside the body, there's no mechanical skeleton (please correct my English :P) just like a normal HG Gundam. Instead you have to assemble the cable and small lamp.
    If you look carefully at the body, there's gold transparent part. That part will glow if you turn on the lamp.

    As for non-lightning edition Strike Freedom, it's just your usual MG Gundam, without lamp feature.