05 April 2008


Rainmeter and its functions.

After a little browsing of new wallpaper, i found out about software called Rainmeter. What's a Rainmeter anyway?

At first time hearing about this, i thought this software can measure rain. But no, Rainmeter is a software that can measure Computer System, Harddisk, RSS, weather, and even measure a Winamp!

For more detail and download the software, you can go to Rainy's site. More information and manual here. It's an open source software and free.

So what's the connection between searching for new wallpaper and Rainmeter? Ever heard of AnimePaper and Solwyvern? Animepaper is a wallpaper artist website, and Solwyvern is a great artist, from vectoring, design, and walling.

Nanoha Rainmeter skin by Solwyvern

After downloading a wallpaper from AP, created by Solwyvern, i spared my time to browse Solwyvern's site. Looking at the site, i found a "Rainmeter" in library \ other section. It's Nanoha Rainmeter skin.

At first, i didn't know about this software, so i downloaded this Nanoha Rainmeter skin right away. But i don't know how to use it, so it's searching time again. From search result, i discovered that Rainmeter is a software, where to download it, and how to costumize the skin.

It's Hayate and it's my HDD drive!

So, it's somewhat a desktop accessory. From picture above, you'll see that you can measure CPU performance, network performance, disk drive, and even measuring Winamp!

This software itself isn't very user friendly. To set the main configuration of this software, you must create an .ini file, and configure it yourself by typing the code in the .ini file. Configuring skin is similar as setting the main configuration.

If you can't create your own configuration, then downloading skin is your best choice. You can't really measure everything, depending on the skin / configuration. Learn a bit in the manual and you can change the variable and the value as you wish.

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