27 April 2008

Various thing about last photoshoot

All the Haruhi i have (minus Haruhi Toranoana)

Haruhi is one of my favorite anime character. And all the Haruhi here is stil a small number of all the Haruhi figure that ever released on earth. And also Haruhi is the first figure i bought. She's the one who lead me to figure collecting world.

Haruhi Maxfact : hey, you got big breast!
Haruhi Metamo : of course!

Two Haruhis are always fun to play and make a little dialog between them. And for that reason, this photo above existed. It's a little coincidence that Haruhi Maxfact finger has the same height with Haruhi Metamo's breast.

My mini-studio in my messy room

So this is how i arrange my mini studio. I got only 2 lamps, 2 tables, 1 light box, and 1 tripod. I used a plastic chair and semi-transparent paper to create a light box. The lamp inside the light box only have 23 watts power.

If you look at Suzumiya Haruhi - The photoshoot comments, you'll know that i have a hard time to create a close up photos. I got some problem with my mini studio arrangement :
1. The table is a little to long, so i can't get my tripod close enough to the object.
2. I can't move the object closer to the camera because of the lamp. Moving my lamp and light box also not an option since the cable isn't long enough.
So that's why i need a macro lens to get close up photos, and a flash gun (plus wireless) to create a light from new direction.

That's it for this photo session. Look forward for next photo session with new figures. I haven't photographed my Nendoroid, and i already paid my figma Haruhi, so the only thing left is wait for figma Haruhi.

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