04 May 2008

Month of school projects

Sion is the character i used in my C++ Programming project (last semester)

This month, May, a last month before final exam for this semester. And as usual, i have to concentrate all my effort on projects.

As i said before, i'm an IT students, and i have to do projects for some subjects in the last semester. Around 1 month before final exam takes place. There are 3 projects coming right to my face in this semester.

So what are the subjects? Math Logic, Java Programming, and Computer Graphics. If you don't know what's Math Logic is, it's a subject that studies about Boolean Algebra, working with boolean operator like AND, OR, NOT, NOR, NAND, XOR, XNOR, implication, and bi-implication. IN this subject, i have to create a logic calculator and polish notation converter for my project.

In Java programming, i have to make a 5 minutes animation. It's up to me whether it's 2D or 3D, but since i don't have any knowledge about 3D so i planned on making 2D sprite animation. I guess i'll use Melty Blood sprite, with Tohno Shiki as the main characters of the story.

The best 3D CG moviei've ever seen

Last but not least, it's Computer Graphics. This subject studies about how to create 3D objects using programming, polygon drawing, coloring, shading, texturing, and using Open GL. The project for this subject is the most challenging and hardest project. I have to make a simple 3D game. What the hell, i even don't know how to draw a person using programming.

Ciel in maid outfit goodness

As for now, i've finished around 30% of Math Logic project. I think this is the easiest project of all projects, since you can get the algorithm to convert from a certain notation to other notation easily from the internet, especially Programmers' Heaven . I think i'll manage to finish this project in this week.

For Java programming, i already have a little idea for the animation. The basic concept is like making music animation video, just like anime OP animation. At least that my concept will be for this animation. The main body of this animation is the music, once again just like the anime OP animation.

Tohno Shiki GIF animation

I'm trying to create an animation that match with the music. I already chosen my music for this project, that is Naraku no Hana, sung by Eiko Shimamiya, from the anime Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai. The characters, as i mentioned above, will be characters from game Melty Blood.

My resources came from the "danbooru-like" image board called The Repository. In here, you can get some animated GIFs, especially from 2D sprite based (anime) games. With the help of a software called GIF Movie Gear, i can separate all the frames into new separate image files.

Kyonko, Haruhi, and the others

Yeah, that's it for today. I guess i'll have to pause my Otaku life for a month. While waiting for the Godly item to arrive, figma Haruhi. And waiting some figures to be released and shipped here. This May haul :
Reinforce II - Alter
Fate Testarossa - Alter (re-run)
I'm really looking forward to this. Other than that, i still have to wait some figures from my local store which send their items using surface mail :
Nendoroid Puchi Lucky Star #1 - Good Smile Company
Teana Lanster - Movic
I hope all 3 (Haruhi, Teana, and Lucky Star) arrived around this week or next week.


  1. Good luck in your assignments and exams..

    come back to otaku-ism soon! XD

  2. Thanks man...

    By the time i finished the assignments and exams, 3 more figures will hopefully arrived.

    And then, i can do more figure photo session.