29 May 2008

Azumanga Daioh and other things around

Azumanga Daioh

I think this is the first time i talked about anime series in this blog. It's knida weird if an otaku blog doesn't have any story of animes.

Well, i'm not really into anime episodic blog, or whatever it's called. Since i watch anime at very random time, and watch random series (not new series). Almost every anime episodic blog talked about newest anime. That's why i rarely did a post about things that have to be on time.

Azumanga Daioh is one of my random anime i watched recently. I know this anime is old, but i just knew the detail early this year, and i just started watching it this month.

AzuDai itself is funny anime. I like it very much. I already read the manga and now i already watched the anime up to episode 20. Just 6 more to go. Good for filling spare time, good for regaining mood, and good for.... whatever.

(from left) Chiyo, Sakaki, Tomo, Yomi, and Osaka

What's make AzuDai is fun to watch is the unique characters. Every characters have their own weirdness, nobody's normal.
Starting from Chiyo, a 10 years old genius who's able to skip class.
Tomo, energetic yet stupid girl.
Osaka, slow but funny, i like the way she talked, especially with her Osaka dialect.
Sakaki, a cool and calm girl, but she got a soft spot that is loved cute things.
Yomi, she looks pretty normal to me, but since she has joined the weird club, i guess she isn't really that normal.
The combination characters' personalities made this anime funny and interesting.

Strike Osaka Freedom

Anyway, you may find it weird to see me watching this old series for the first time. You'll find it hard to get animes in Indonesia. These are the reasons:
1. Slow internet connection. The best connection we have only 384 kbps, and the ISP doesn't give us cheap flat unlimited usage rate. That's why it's hard to download animes.
2. Almost no company who want to license an anime and released VCD/DVD. It's piracy issue.
3. With the 2 reasons combined, the result is there's still so many rentals who rent a homemade anime VCD with very low quality.
That's why it's hard to keep up with the release of new anime episode.

I like Sakaki

Anyway, that's it for now. I had my 2 projects finished, and 2 more to go. Database projects, i have to search some information about XML and database. Computer Graphics projects, i have to create a 3D virtual world. And next week, final exam for this semester.

I already had figma Haruhi and Reinforce II shipped with SAL. As for figma Haruhi, it already past 28 days and the packets still hasn't come yet, maybe because my country is still in unstable condition. I hope it will come safe and sound around this week. So it's waiting time, figma Haruhi, Reinforce Zwei, and figma Nanoha (which just shipped yesterday).

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