30 May 2008

International Saimoe League

International Saimoe League 2008 (ISML '08)

At last, there's a Saimoe competition event for international viewer/watcher/otaku/whoever you are. So here it is, International Saimoe League or ISML for short. I think it's kinda late to announce this since i just know it today from my friend but the whole event has started Months ago, early this year.

So many number of fights in each round.

I don't really know about Japan and Korea's last Saimoe competition, but in this ISML they used a "necklace winner" system. There are 9 necklaces, in every necklace there are 9 rounds. In every round, each characters would have to fight other characters randomly and voters have to vote each fight. After 9 rounds completed, the character who win the most vote will get the current necklace.

Amethyst round top 6.

So far, 2 necklaces already won by certain characters. I forgot the winner, but i remember the necklaces, they're Aquamarine and Topaz. For tonight, Amethyst round 9 already started and will end at 2600 GMT. Voting will start every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, every 0100 GMT, except stated otherwise. Just keep yourself updated in the site.

For more details, go directly to the site: