14 May 2008

A few things about Teana Lanster and Lucky Star nendoroid petit sets

As always, before entering the real photo session, i'll give you some teaser shot of the latest figures i got.

Miyuki and Kagami

Nendoroid Puchi Lucky Star series 1. In the last post, i've told you about the pricing. I won't cover all the whole sets, since my choice are the Miko Kagami and Miyuki in school uniform. The rest are not mine.

Basically, those figures are small, smaller than Bandai Haruhi trading figure, but a little bigger than Disgaea trading figure. Quality isn't really bad. I love to look at them, especially Kagami, since their faces are so funny. Kagami in miko suit has the "special for Konata punchline" face.

A little Teana action

I guess i'm a bit unlucky with this Teana Lanster. When i decided that i want to get this figure, the condition isn't really good. Play-Asia didn't accept anymore order, and HLJ hasn't even started to open the pre-order. So i pre-ordered this one in my favorite figure local store.

The bad luck doesn't stop just there. I got a little defect in this figure. If you look carefully at her hair, there is some crack on it. It's pretty obvious, so it's an eyesore to me. The features of this figure will be covered in photo session for this figure.

My computer desk so far

So this is my computer desk now. It's starting to get crowded. I won't put anything in front of the nendoroids, since it's a space for me to write or put a book. Oh, and the Gundams (Destiny Gundam MG and SD Strike Noir Gundam) once again, it's not mine, it's my brother's.

Well, just wait for the next photo session. I'll be doing it around June, i guess... Project and figure progress so far:
- Math Logic 100% completed
- Java Programming : 17 seconds worth of animation out of 5 minutes
- Already paid figma Haruhi, shipped in May 1st, 2008
- Already paid Reinforce II (Alter), shipped in May 14th, 2008
So it's waiting time. As for Java Programming, i still need some background resources, so if anyone could help with anything, i'll appreciated the help.


  1. I'm still waiting (and hoping) that Alter will release teana and subaru figurine, since I don't like the movic quality..

    Nice desk setup, but don't you worry about dust? :O

  2. Yeah, i too am waiting for Nanoha StrikerS characters to be released by Alter, especially for Hayate and Teana.

    I used a brush and camera blower to clean the figure once every 2 days. You'll need some patience but it's more fun since you can play with the figures easily.