31 May 2008

figma Haruhi - Mid year figure haul part 1

Around May-July, a number of figures will come and invade my room. Total of 7 figures pre ordered and shipped around May-July. I haven't counted in Blanc Neige which will be released September, figma Fate Testarossa and figma Konata which has opened for preorder in certain store. I usually wait for HLJ or Play-Asia to open the preorder, since only these stores can ship the item to Indonesia. Those 7 figures are :

- Reinforce II - Alter (waiting for arrival)
- Fate Testarossa - Alter reissue (waiting for arrival)
- figma Nanoha - Max Factory (waiting for arrival)
- Mikuru maid cafe version - Alter (preorder)
- Nanoha instructor uniform - GSC (preorder)
- Elwyn - Kotobukiya (preorder)
- Chua Churam - Alter (preorder)

HLJ box

So here's the news, packaging from HLJ came yesterday. I know it's figma Haruhi, it's been 29 days since shipment. I think SAL it's rather slow in Indonesia. My friend in Australia said the item which is shipped by SAL, arrived in her place in around 3 weeks.

figma Suzumiya Haruhi.

Yeah, i guessed right. It's figma Haruhi, and it's my first figma. The box seems pretty elite if you look from the front. Because of this excitement, i grabbed my camera and photographed it as soon as i opened the HLJ box.

Photos on the backside of the box.

As usual, on the backside of the box, you can see official photograph of figma Haruhi's poses. I've seen those photographs alot, so it's rather boring to see them again.

Elite packaging, very nice.

With that lower price than usual price, Max Factory figma gives an elite packaging. In the figma box there's a reflective cardboard, i can use this for reflector in my photo session. The plastic package just like usual figure plastic package.

figma Haruhi parts.

Just like most nendoroids, figma also has alternative parts for hands, feet, and faces. The base is pretty unique, with hexagon shape, and figma writing on the base. There are 6 kinds of hands (pointing hand, 2 open hand, 2 closed hand, and 1 megaphone hand), each kind has 2 piece of hands, left and right hands. Two kind of shoes (indoor and outdoor shoes). Three kinds of faces (usual happy face with mouth open, smiling face, and scowling face). And 2 kinds of armband (brigade leader and great director).

Do you notice the plastic bag with figma writing on it. You can use this plastic bag for keeping parts. I think this is good since figma parts are small, just as small as nendoroids' hands, it helps you keeping parts from separated or missing somewhere else.

So this is the complete figma. I put all the parts inside the plastic bag given. I guess figma is really small for a normal figure. A little taller than trading figure, but smaller than 1/8 figure. Around 3/4 height of Haruhi from Max Factory. But that's not really the issue. I guess the worst part of this figure is the joints on her legs, they stand out more than the joints on the arms.

Well, that's for the first part of mid year figure haul. Just wait for next part. Oh, and the photo session, i can do it around 2 more weeks from now. My final exam started Monday 2nd June 2008, so i guess i have to pospone the photo session and study for my exam first.


  1. Wow.. a lot of purchase you got there.. XD

  2. Yeah... I haven't included figma Fate and figma Konata there.