13 May 2008

Some good news and bad news

New haul from the local store

Good news and bad news in the middle of project time can change my spirit, especially when it comes to things like figure and the project itself.

So what's the good news and what's the bad news? The good news are:
1. Teana Lanster (Movic) and Nendoroid Puchi Lucky Star series 1 have arrived, and i already picked it up yesterday.
2. I finished one of my project, that is: Logic calculator and Polish notation converter from Math Logic subject.
3. I finished around 17 seconds of my Java animation project. That is the title scene.
The bad news are:
1. Nendo Puchi Lucky Star cost me JPY 7800. Is that a rip off? Or is it true?
2. I can't find Melty Blood stage background for use in my Java project.
3. I just learned the basic of OpenGL yesterday, and that made me more confused of my Computer Graphics project.

Nendoroid Puchi Lucky Star series 1

GSC site says that Nendoroid Puchi Lucky Star cost you around JPY 6000 if you bought 12 of them (1 box set). But mine cost me JPY 7800. I don't know if this a rip off or not. I asked the store owner, and then he said:
"With that JPY 6000 box set, you can't get complete set of the characters. You'll only get one of the set (the uniform or costume set). The other will be a randomized character. If you want to get all complete sets including secret, you'll have to buy this (a set of 11 characters with JPY 7800)"
I never bought a complete box set of trading figures, so i don't know if this true or not. Fortunately, i bought this with my friends, i only got 2 of them, and the rest will be my friends', so i won't have to pay that much.

Forward Strikers Teana Lanster

Well, both of this figures i bought yesterday came so slow. If you noticed, both of them released at March and arrived around Friday last week. So i guess the shop used a slow delivery service, but it's really cheap.

I'm glad that Teana Lanster also arrived together, she's one of my top 10 favorite characters. She's also the mascot for this blog... i guess.

Last bad news is Java programming. I can't find any fitting background. If you ever played Melty Blood, i think you'll understand what i'm saying. I'll need background from stage:
- Ciel's sanctuary
- City at night
- Shrine blue and Shrine Red
Anyone knows where to get them? I've been searching everywhere, and i only found Mugen's background, not an image file. Or if anyone knows how to convert Mugen's background into an image file, i'll appreciate the help.


  1. >> 1. Nendo Puchi Lucky Star cost me JPY 7800. Is that a rip off? Or is it true?

    Where did you get it? I got mine from HLJ for less than 6000yen iirc. :-/ Buzz me when you're online at msn, gonna ask you few things about shipping to Indo.. Anyway, good luck with your projects!

  2. I got it from a local store.

    With that JPY 6000 did you get all 11 characters?