18 May 2008

(Only) 2 photos of nendoroid SOS-Dan

I did say that i won't do any photo session in this projects period. But for this, it was a special case. I and my photographers friends did a little photo session of Nendoroid SOS-dan.

Haruhi : "Mikuru-chan... Action!!!"
Mikuru : "Mi... mi... Mikuru beaam!"
Yuki : "..."

From 5th-17th of May, Petra Christian University (a popular university in Surabaya) held a photography competition. The theme was "Still life photography - sweet and colorful". At first i tried to made a Gundam diorama, but after giving another thought, i changed my photo session from Gundam diorama into a nendoroids' story, since they're sweet and colorful... i guess...

Another story...

Well that's it for today. There's a little flaw in the first photo. I used F13 aperture value, and it seems Yuki is still a little blurred because of the Depth of Field. I guess a little mistake like that could turn out bad for the competition.

I also learned a few things after this photo session. I printed these 2 photos in 10R size, and i noticed that LCD monitor have more brightness compared to CRT monitor and photo paper, so if you're doing a little photos' RGB level editing in LCD monitor, you'll want to recheck those photos again in CRT monitor before printing out the photos.

Overall, because of my friends help, i can get a better lighting than before. Credit goes to Joan, Jaya, and Nico woh're participating and helping this photo session, thanks man!

Oh yeah, and Java programming projects still in progress... I still got 1 minutes 28 seconds out of 5 minutes animation, so it's still long way to go. And i also hope that figma Haruhi will come around this week, it's been more than 2 weeks since the shipment date.


  1. yep, this one definitely has better lighting compared to the others :D

    usually F13 is more than enough, but you have more than one object, so I guess you will want something like F18 or up :D

  2. Yeah, all thanks to my friends for this.

    I used F20 for the second photos. I guess i'll have to be more careful next time.

  3. I saw this on Danie's blogroll. I love the pictures! And not just these ones. I'm no pro photographer or anything but they're enjoyable, nice job ^^

  4. Oh hi and thanks!

    Don't worry about being no pro photographer. I made these photos enjoyable for everyone.

  5. Can't comment on the aperture thingy.. not really an expert photographer.. but you guys sure are creative with those nendoroid/figma/revoltech posing/scene making stuffs XD

  6. Don't worry about the detail, just enjoy the photos.

    That's why i really like nendoroids and figma.You can play with them, and it's fun.