27 May 2008

Melty Blood R - Java programming project

Melty Blood R

Ah... At last, an update. After 2 weeks of hell working on my Java programming project, i finished this project yesterday. A complete 5 minutes animation music video, featuring Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Kai OP song, and Melty Blood characters.

I don't plan on publishing this project since it could become a copyright problem. I'll just post some of the screenshots. All characters are owned by Type-Moon. Credit goes to SyNdicate for the sprites, you can get them here.

I made this as a sidestory. There's no major connection between this Melty Blood R and the real Melty Blood. I just used the characters and some vital points like Akiha is Shiki's sister, Sion can transform into vampire, and Ciel is a vampire hunter.

Story goes like this:
Introduction part:

Ciel in ... whatever...

Just playing cool in this intro part. This part goes around 1 minutes. In this part, all the characters except Akiha show their coolness, and some artworks.

Sion tatari

In this part, i also showed that Sion can transform to a vampire. She looks suffered in this part. It's hard to show that Sion can transform into a vampire. People who watch this should understand some part of Melty Blood first.

Action part:

Ciel vs... MENOS!?

In this part, they show some of their skills in beating some (random) enemies. Ciel killed a Menos with her bare hands (and feet). Yeah, i love the kicking parts.

Blast them up, Sion!

Sion's always looks cool when she used her gun to fight. Those zombies are Zombie prisoner and Zombie master from Ragnarok Online.

Plot part 1:
Sion killed Akiha and Shiki can do nothing except watching her die.

So here's the storyline begin. Shiki witnessed with his own eyes, Akiha killed by Sion in her vampire form. Of course he's mad and he wanted to take revenge for Akiha.

Ciel sword throwing skills is the best.

But Shiki wasn't in good shape, so he ended up get beaten by Sion. But fortunately, Ciel, who can sniff vampire from distance, came and attacked Sion, but it missed. Sion ran away, and Ciel chased her. Shiki's able to get up stayed in that place, looking at Akiha.

Plot part 2:
Nice kick there, Ciel!
The battle begin here, on top of Tokyo Tower. Ciel managed to chase Sion, but Sion has returned to her normal form on the way. So Ciel got the upper hand in this fight.

Ciel lost, but Shiki kicked Sion's butt.

What? Ciel got the upper hand? Who said that? She lost, and now Shiki came and helped Ciel. But he came not to help Ciel, but to take revenge for Akiha.

Plot part 3:
Thanks Photoshop, i can colorize my background with your help.

What? Sion's vampire form appeared again, and this time, it's full power! Now Sion got the upper hand. Shiki and Ciel fought Sion together with full power. But...


HOLY $#*& !!! It's Black Barrel Replica dude! It seems that Shiki and Ciel enjoyed Sion's Black Barrel Replica goodness., and i know it hurts, A LOT.

Plot part 4:
They blasted of the skies and fell off the ground.

Noooo...!!!! They died? If they died then you have to close this Java application. But don't worry, miracles do happens... in anime.

Cruel Etherite action.

Sion's cruelty didn't end there. Shiki was trying to get up but Sion kept whacking him with her Etherite. This is not very good for Shiki and Ciel.

Throw everything Ciel!

Hey, i already said it before, miracles do happens (in anime). So there they are, got up again in full power and unleashing their ultimate skills. As for Ciel, she did a thousand swords throw. She threw swords in 8 seconds duration.

Shiki slashed (almost) the whole screen.

And here's Shiki last hit. His ultimate skill wiped Sion once and for all. Sion died, and the revenge is over. Shiki managed to take revenge for Akiha, and Ciel's job is done.

They're back in the place where Akiha died. Shiki thanked Ciel for helping him killing Sion. And Ciel left because her job's done. She is vampire hunter after all.

That's all folks. R in the title Melty Blood R stands for Revenge. The main focus here is Shiki and Akiha. I guess i can say that Ciel and Akiha is my favorite character in this Tsukihime and Melty Blood series. But in Melty Blood game, i like to use Ciel just for her sword throwing skill goodness.


  1. meganeshounen27 May, 2008 15:52

    Gotta say... creative use of the MB chara sprites. :D

  2. Thanks man. MB sprites itself are complete enough to make some nice move.

  3. This was pretty cool, wish the mini vid was available.