28 March 2008

Shana Candy (transparent) Bikini

Shana Candy Bikini

I don't know if this is a coincidence or not. But as i have mentioned before, this Shana Candy Bikini came together at the same time with Haruhi Metamo.

You already know that you can manipulate Haruhi Metamo's color using room temperature. I just know a little while ago that you can change Shana's bikini transparency also by manipulating temperature.

Heating her up using hairdryer

I did a little searching about this Shana Candy Bikini, and i found something interesting about this figure. They said that her bikini color can change. Yeah... they said color but i would say it's the transparency that change.

By using hairdryer, i can heat her up so that the transparency of her bikini change. Just be careful if you're using hairdryer, don't make the figure melt because of the heat.

Transparent bikini, hmm... DFC (Deliciously Flat Chested)!

See the result? I guess her panties need more heat since it's not transparent enough. But i know that her bra has reached maximum transparency.

There are 2 secrets that this figure has. I have mentioned about bikini transparency, and the 2nd secret is her hair. You can see that her hair is different than the other figures have. It's somewhat transparent and glowing.

How to make her hair glow more? Take a flashlight, turn it on, and light her from behind. You'll see that her hair is somewhat glowing because of the light and hair transparency.


  1. eh, never knew about that extra feature :O

    but it's not that transparent, you need to take zoomed photo hehe

    DFC ftw~

  2. Yeah, only a few figure store have the information about this feature.

    Detailed photos coming soon.