14 March 2008

Sparkling Surabaya - Random coolness of my city

Sparkling Surabaya

I don't know why i posted these photos of my beloved Surabaya in the night. Just playing random, i guess. I don't plan on leaving this city until i finished my study in iSTTS, so posting these photos on my blog might be a little relevant.

Ever heard of "Korea, sparkling"? It's Korea's tourism symbol / logo / motto / whatever you want to call it. I've made this Sparkling Surabaya not because i want to made a logo that similar to Korea. It's just a symbol of my randomness.

Bambu Runcing (Sharp bamboo???)

I had a hard time to decide what to write for this photo caption. Some Indonesian words are not fitting if they were translated directly to English. Anyway, Bambu Runcing is one of many historical monuments in Surabaya. It's a symbol of Indonesian (Surabaya to be exact) people's struggle against colonialism. They used a bamboo with sharpened tip as a spear.

Galaxy Mall

And this is one of many malls in Surabaya, Galaxy Mall. There's not much i can tell about this Galaxy Mall. Just randomly shot this object at night.


  1. nice pics...

  2. there are still a lot of other cool spot in Surabaya,, hope u can get them too.. hehehe.. nice pics there...

  3. Thanks dude.

    Yeah, i know. This is just a beginning of my journey to catch more of Surabaya coolness.

    Too bad that you need to pay some cash to get "photograph permit" in some place like Pakuwon City.

  4. I just wonder, why is Surabaya still some steps left behind Jakarta although this city always claims as the second largest city in this archipelago. It really proves the assumption that 80% of Indonesian capital merely circulate in Jakarta. What a serious ironic fact!

  5. i love sparkling surabaya too~