23 March 2008

Middle exam week has started

Let's study hard!

Two weeks of middle exam week awaits me right after this Easter weekend. Oh yeah, easter!
Happy Easter 2008!
For some people, exam week means full-time studying and being busy all the time just for exam. But not for me. I would say that i AM more relaxed in this exam week. If you've ever experienced studying in my place (STTS), you'll agree of what i'm saying.

At normal weeks, assignments will come to you without knowing the word "STOP". But in exam week, there is no assignment. That's why it's more relaxing (for me). You know, doing all my assignments seems harder than studying for exam (that's for me again).


  1. hahahaha..

    God damn right.. me too, i feel that the exam week is so fun.. and it happen to everyone too, not just u or me...

  2. I guess that's STTS for you.