27 March 2008

Leaning Kureha - Flaw in her base

Leaning backward

Few months after buying Kureha, i noticed that she leans backward. I don't know if this because of i was unfortunate of getting the flawed product, or every Kureha leans backward.

If you noticed her shoes and the base, you'll find that her shoes heel doesn't even touch the base. It's somewhat floating. With her weight of course she'll lean backward.

Base support for her heel

So her feet are her main problem. I noticed that you'll need something to support one of her heels.

I have an unused gashapon, it's Rin from GSC. And in her package i found something interesting, a base support (or whatever you called it, see the photo above, correct me if i'm wrong).

That base support originally designed for Rin's stand. But since i'm not displaying her around, i used this base support for Kureha.

Kureha stands straight after being supported with the base support

See the result? She stands straight. If you let her leans backward for a longer time, you'll see her legs bending backward or she'll get off her base easily and fall.

Did anyone of you who have Kureha also got this problem?


  1. i see you are placing all of your figure out of the box. as for me I prefer keeping them in the box. XD

    anyways I have added you on my bloglist ;)

  2. Yeah, no place to put boxes around my computer desk. So i have to put them out of the box.

    But i have to go through the risk of dust and leaning problem.

    Thanks dude, i'll also add you on my blogroll right away.