22 March 2008

Keeping Figures Parts

SPACE - eternal problem that every figure collector has to deal with. But not only space, figure collectors have to think about their figures' parts. Some of figure collectors will keep the boxes in their room, so they can keep the parts in the boxes.

But i don't keep my boxes inside my room. So putting parts inside the boxes is not an option for me. So how do i keep the parts?

Mitsuru Kirijou's base

Remember Mitsuru Kirijou from Kotobukiya? Actually, she came with a unique base. A 3cm thick base. And there is some little spacing inside, enables you to keep some small parts inside the base.

So many small parts, even Haruhi's hand and armband.

If you look again in the photos. I keep small parts in it. It's from Mitsuru herself, Haruhi, and Ignis the White.

But what about castoffable figures? Mitsuru, Kureha, Haruhi, and Ignis, you can take their skirts off. But where will you put their skirt? In Mitsuru's base? No, that's definitely not an option.

Castoffable figures aren't really the problem. The real problem is, when you got a figure with so many alternate parts, just like Nendoroids. So that's why, you'll have to prepare something to keep the alternate parts safe.

Plastic box (originally not for figure parts)

I bought this plastic box with just IDR 10000 (USD 1.10). It's cheap, light, and useful. I keep my figure parts here. More figures mean more parts, and more parts mean this box will run out of space soon enough. So i just have to buy another one.

Nendoroids inside

For now, only nendoroids parts here. But next month, i guess figma parts will fill this box.

Camera info :
Canon EOS 400D
Canon EF-S 18-55mm
Canon EF 50mm

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