06 March 2008

New header - Just another random coolness

Stock image for the header

I planned to change the header a long time ago. And here it is, new header and a bit of changes in layout colors.

Black border color, black header background color, and white header corner color plus new black and white header image featureing Teana Lanster from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS. I guess it's a heck of a black white combination.

This layout it's still in development, especially the header image. I'll try to make it better. Comments and critics are always welcome here.

EDIT : Did a little bit of a cleaning in SONICVER2, erased Teana's sweat (look at stock image for detail), changed the font for "Just random things around here".


  1. yeah.. the new header's cool :)

  2. Thanks! I guess it's better than the old plain header.

  3. it's better like this...
    but the color composition is just too plain for me...

  4. Thanks dude! Yeah... I know, black and white combination still looks plain.