13 March 2008

Printer vs figure = Broken figure

Broken Haruhi

Too many assignments can kill me, damn. This story happened at Sunday March 9th, 2008. But because of my assignments, i kept myself from fixing the figure and posting this story in my blog.

My figure, Haruhi by Toranoana, fell of from at least 60cm high. It fell off from the top of my CPU (system unit) down to the floor. While the body was still in good shape, the head got a little problem. One bunny ear snap off from its head.

Reconstruction of crime scene

Look at the photo, and you'll understand why it fell off from the CPU. I turned on my printer, and printed a documents. The papers that came out of the printer pushed Haruhi's base, in the "DAN" kanji (look at first photo) in the base to be exact. I'm surprised on how strong the push that came from printer. And yeah, after that push, Haruhi freefalled for over 60cm high.

A glue trace on her bunny ear

I fixed the ears just yesterday night. By using super glue, i can make that ears stick back on to the right place, but you can see a little glue trace on her bunny ear.

This is a little experience for me. The main cause of this problem is SPACE. Yes space. I don't have enough space around my LCD monitor, so i had to move my old figure to another place, that is, above my CPU.

If you look again above my CPUs, it's a little weird to put a printer over 2 CPUs, isn't it?

Camera info:
Canon EOS 400D
Canon EF-S 18-55mm
Canon EF 50mm

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  1. Oh, at least you were able to fix it.^^
    <3 Haruhi. I bought a figure of her the last days, too. ^^