05 March 2008

So many spending, so little income

Nothing relevant with this topic, just playing cool

Two figures in February and more to come make me think that i spent too much for this year. But from January to February i haven't received any gains. I said gains, but it's not fixed income. The question is, where does the gains come from?

It's rare for an otaku's blog to have an article about fundamental economics, but you'll find it here in this post.

Nanoha-san will teach you about economy

So back to first question, where does the gains come from? The answer is Share / Stocks investation. Who said otaku can't do business? I'm an otaku and i do business, stocks business. JSX or JKSE (Jakarta Stock Exchange), i invested my money to some Indonesian company stocks, and using JKSE index for indication of gain or loss.

So what's the connection from stock investation and otaku's needs? The gain that come from stocks investation can be used for buying new figures, or buying new camera accessories (next target Canon EF 100mm macro lens). Last gain came in December 2007, and i spent it for Ignis The White.

Learning economy too much will hurt your head

From January up to now, all i've done is 1 buy-sell transaction and all i get was very heavy loss (not 100% loss though). US recession, Crude oil price hikes, will affect stocks price to go anywhere but down. Unstability of regional and international economy is bad for investation, while professional investor may find it interesting to play in fluctuative economy, but not me man. I can't really predict where and when to put my money, to get some gains.

How about you otakus? If you're living outside of Indonesia, then part time job is enough to get you money for otaku's needs. But in Indonesia, it's rare to find part time job, all you can get is full time job.

Another irrelevant picture

Let's put investation talks aside. In Indonesia, figures collecting is an expensive hobby. Most of you should be agree with me, but figures is really expensive if you're comparing their price with food price around Indonesia.

Do you work like Konata?

I heard from my friend in Aussie. She's working part time while studying as a college student. With 2-4 days worth of part time salary, she can afford a new figures (JPY 5000). I don't know for sure, but please correct me if i'm wrong.

Indonesia's currency value is way too low, so you'll see big numbers here. A figures can cost you around IDR 400k-700k. While cheapest food (let's say a plate of fried rice and a glass of tea) costs you around IDR 4k-7k. So a figure worths 100 times eating in that place.

Let's join SOS-Dan to find alien, time travellers, and espers figures!

How about fixed income / salary? If we're talking about first grade salary, you'll get IDR 1-2 millions per month. But if you're talking about high school students who still live with their family and eat at home, then they'll get IDR 300k-500k per month. So a figure is very expensive if you're comparing its price with their salary.

Yet another irrelevant picture of Yoshida Kazumi goodness

So, as an otaku, have you ever think and count all of your spending for otaku's needs? For me, my figures have already reach total worth of IDR 3.6-4 millions (around USD 400).

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