17 January 2009

Al Azif swimsuit version - Alter

Al Azif swimsuit version.

Yeah, I'm at last back for another review. After 6 days from the last review, i managed to get a break from my work, well actually it almost done. Anyway, this is Al Azif swimsuit version, originally from Deus Machina Demonbane, and manufactured by Alter.

Originally from Demonbane, manufactured by Alter.

I got this from Toy Magz Fair 2008, a pre-owned figure without box. I spent IDR 425k for this figure. This figure is actually cute, but i met a little disappointment from this figure. The most disappointing part of this figure is her size. It's small, even smaller than 1/8 Max Factory Haruhi. Talk about size, i remember about when people talks about Chua Churam's small size. I think this Al Azif body size is just as small as Chua Churam.

She looks plain to me, but still cute on the face.

I've been implementing "extreme" angle on my photos lately. And i think some of them turned out good, but some of them turned out not good enough. Giving angle in photos isn't just as easy as rotating your camera 45° and capture the object. You have to feel and find the best angle, and keep maintaining composition and balance inside the photos.

Al Azif is cute, and her cuteness came from this face.

I think this is a first Al Azif figure i got in my possession. In the Surabaya Toys Festival 2008, my girl bought Nendoroid Al Azif. After seeing those figures, i came up with a conclusion: Al Azif is a cute character! Her main cuteness came from this face. I've also seen MaxFact's Al Azif, but they didn't focus on her cuteness, instead they gave a dramatic and sad feeling.

Is she a loli? You decide!

Talk about loli, i don't know if Al Azif can be categorized as loli character. Judging by her height, i think she's as tall as Haruhi, so i guess she's not loli by height. But looking at her chest and her face, she's definitely a loli.

Cute hairdo, but unfortunately not my style.

Oh yeah, FYI her actual hair is long wavy hair. For some reason, i don't really like this hairdo. Well, from the beginning i never really liked this kind of hairdo. Fortunately, this hairdo isn't visible if you see it directly from the front, you can even see her as if she has a ponytail.

(Not so?) DFC!? XD

We're getting into not so good part. She got a very small breast, but not as flat as you thought. I think the size is just like Alter's Fate burst or Alter's Reinforce Zwei. Even her swimsuit itself isn't a sexy / bikini type. Noticeable thing here is the texture and drawing on her swimsuit.

Texture on the swimsuit is nicely done.

The texture on the swimsuit looks kinda futuristic. Is this the future of swimsuit? I guess not. Anyway, her swimsuit color does suit her, but i think giving her white swimsuit could be better. Her normal clothes itself is white, oh and not to forget, she doesn't wear that red ribbon on her hair in this figure.

Don't be tricked by my photos, i played with camera's Picture Style setting to manipulate the color.

I can see some nail sculpt on the hand, but too bad no painted nail. Anyway, just as always, Alter made her skin kinda pale. Well, most of Alter's figures have pale skin, i think it's their characteristic on making figures. But on top of that, the sculpt quality is great, and shading on the skin is still nicely done.

Her left arm, it shouldn't be floating like this.

She's sitting on a tube, supported by her left arm. Her base is a custom sand textured base, and it's not flat at all. In the middle of the base, you can put the tube and sit Al Azif on top of it. But there's no peg at all, so if you put it at a wrong position, there's a possibility that Al Azif will sit also at a wrong position on her tube. I displayed her without her base, in order to save space.

This skirt can actually be removed.

Most loli characters usually wear a 2 pieces swimsuit with a skirt. And yeah, Al Azif too also wears this skirted swimsuit. I never see Al Azif wearing swimsuit in the anime, and i never see any official illustration of her wearing swimsuit, so i don't know where Alter got this swimsuit design, but all i can say is the swimsuit is not sexy enough.

Right foot, wearing sandal and a weird broken heart symbol on it.

I don't know what's this symbol is, but it keeps appearing on this figure, the broken heart symbol. I never see this symbol in the anime, so i can't say much about this symbol. Do you guys have any idea what's this heart symbol is?

Left sandal hanging on the left foot, you can remove it if you want.

The left sandal can be removed. It depends on your creativity, you can hang this sandal on her left foot, or you can put it on the base like she already taken off her sandal. I displayed her without this sandal, and i put the sandal on my storage. It's a small thing and it's easily fall off her foot, so i kinda worried of losing this small item.

Tube she's sitting on, without this she can't sit.

The last thing on this figure is this tube. It's the place she's sitting on. Without the tube, you can't properly display her. The only thing i don't like about this tube is... it's made of hard plastic. I kinda expect that this tube is a flexible type of plastic, just like the yellow blob thing Nendo Al Azif has.

POI of this figure is interestingly the tube!

The POI of this figure, which made me go LOL, is this the eye on her tube! With one eye, directly peeking, looking, staring, watching, seeing, whatever you name it... on Al Azif pantie, it makes you go LOL! Moreover there's :3 expression on it, making it funnier.

That's it for this review. Next review will be Lottie Gelh, I've done photo session of her, but i don't know when will i post her. Anyway I've already done photo session for Lottie, Airi, and Haruhi (Alter), so right now they're in queue waiting to be posted on this blog. While Hayate, Haruhi beach, and Nyx are still waiting their photo session.

So yeah... as always look forward for the next post!


  1. Love the shoot!!!!!!
    Love the beach figure too!!!!!!
    I might consider getting it!!!!!

  2. I like the base. Different and cute. :3
    I'm not a fan of the figure but she is a nice addition to ur 'flat-chest' collection. :)

  3. her best angle is from 45 degree forum upper left :D

    she looks so cute, i also have her

  4. @Rin
    Thanks Rin! Beach figure is also one of my favorite, especially with the sexy bikini. XD

    Yeah, yet another DFC in my possesion.

    45° from upper left? Which one is upper left? Yeah, i agree, she's damn cute!

  5. our left [her right]

  6. I have the max factory version of her, but I think this GSC ver is the cutest aru-chan figurine in the market :D

  7. @ron~
    GSC version? Is it the Nendoroid version?