05 January 2009

Happy birthday (not to me)....

A nice yuri action of Fransizka von Karma and Adrian Andrews (Phoenix Wright) for celebration.

... but to this blog. At exactly 1 year ago, at this date 5 January, i started my blog and my first post. It was just a post about starting a blog. The first commenter in this blog is ron~. He said that he found my blog because of that Fate clock. I used the Fate clock hosted by otadesho, and he found me through the backlink.

This blog is 1 year old, and has already (or just?) reached 109 posts. I don't know if it's a big or small number, with average of 8 posts per month and 14 posts in holiday months (June - July and December - January). Because this 1 year with this blog, i met so many nice and great friends. Thank you all for keep reading this blog!

As for me, I'll keep this blog filled up with more nice photos, nice figures, and nice figure reviews. That's it for now, see you at the next post!


  1. Congratz. ^^

    Wish I knew u a bit sooner. :)

  2. Congrates...
    I'll be expecting some good stuff soon...
    My blog is near it's 1 year too...

  3. wow congrats :) i even didn't remember my blog's birthday

    lol talking about late comments >_<

  4. @Vixion
    You can go back to your very first post and check the date. That way, you'll know when's your blog's birthday.

  5. congratulation for your blog :)

    still have many figure for your post right ^_^ ?
    jia you....

  6. @wili_huang
    I still have 3 figures to photograph, and 3 figures photos to post.