11 January 2009

Elwing Bikini version - Max Factory

Elwing bikini version - Max Factory.

Sorry for the delay, i did say that I'll post this review at around Thursday but at last i posted this today (Sunday). Yeah, it's the 2nd loot from Toy Magz Fair 2008, Elwing bikini version, from Shining Tears series, and manufactured by Max Factory. This figure is 1/7 scaled, so she's taller than your usual 1/8 scaled figure, at around MF Kureha's height.

It's 1/7 scaled figure, so it's tall.

Talk about scale, the only 1/7 scaled figure i got before this Elwing is Kureha from Max Factory. Elwing is tall, and has the same height as Kureha, but i think Elwing's head is a little bit too large. Larger than usual figure's head. I don't know if it's because of her hair or her ears, but it seems that her head is a little bit off sized.

Cute face, you don't want to miss this.

But yeah, she's damn cute and pretty. There's so much beauty in her face, blue eyes, pointy ears, blonde hair. FYI Elwing's an elf from Shining Tears game, and she's the first partner you can use in the game. But don't expect she wears that bikini in the game!

Green leaf bikini, i wonder if it'll easily ripped off. XD

You know, i never saw this bikini in the game or any illustration. Well, i never bother to download or read Tony Taka's illustration book, but i knew I've seen this bikini in Love Hina. I've read and finished Love Hina manga and i think Naru wore this bikini when she's trapped in Parara... WTH island (volume 9 i think, CMIIW).

A closer look to her pretty face.

A little closer look on the face. I'm still learning on how to take a good photo of a face, especially about how to make a nice face cropping. It's hard to do it in figure photoshoot if you don't have any macro lens, but cropping can be done in Photoshop. What's difficult on cropping is deciding where to crop, so you can get a good photo composition.

Side view of her face.

I never thought that I'd be fortunate enough to get this figure in these days. I started figure collecting at late 2007 and start accelerating on first half of 2008. But i think in 2007 itself, i already missed some nice figures, like this Elwing, Blanc Neige bikini, and Alicia Florence (GSC). I also see some people still wishing for those figures i mentioned. So yeah, that's why I'd say i was lucky enough to find this in Toy Magz Fair 2008.

Yet another wings hairband shot, it's Elwing's characteristic i guess...

If it's Elwing, then i won't forget about this wing. In my Elwing from Kotobukiya review, i also did a photograph of her wings hairband. But yeah, there's a significant different between this wings and Elwing Koto's wings. Talk about quality of sculpt and painting, MF owned the competition.

Sexy, delicious, big, what else? Add more if you want, just mention it.

Now we're getting into the good part. Her breast, yeah.... sexy, delicious, big.... but not as big as Elwing Kotobukiya's breast. Her cleavage is showing... well of course it's showing because she wears bikini. I'd like to get a real feel of her breast XD .

Another feather necklace, characteristic of Elwing.

Other than wings hairband, i noticed that she always had 1 or more feather on her neck, whether it's necklace or it's a necktie. I never watch any detail on Shining Tears version, but i know in Shining Wind version, she only has 1 feather tied on her choker. Anyway, bravo to Max Factory, they did a nice job of sculpting this little detail.

Leaf armband, nice accessory.

I don't know what's this leaf armband do there, but i don't think it's connected to the bikini. Once again, bravo to Max Factory, they managed to create some nice little details here. If you noticed, the sculpt and paintjob around there are great. Moreover, they added a shading effect on the skin.

If you want me to take your bikini off then tell me right away Elwing, XD.

I don't know what's her hand doing there, but i think she wants to take her bikini off just makes a cute girl pose. I don't know why that's cute, but I've seen a lot of girl putting her right hand in front of her chest and leave her left hand below in visual novel or anime. I think they did that to make a feminine and cute aura.

Painted fingernail, it's kinda hard to notice.

Here's the other hand. Did you notice something special here? Yeah... it's painted fingernail, and it's painted pink. Somewhat a natural yet pretty color. Her arm looks soooo smooth. And paintjob on her skin makes her looks alive.

Nice skin on the back.

What did i tell you before? Her skin color and paintjob makes her really alive. From behind you can see her smooth skin, unlike other figure skin. Anyway her bikini isn't actually tied behind. I think the leaf just below her cleavage tied it.

Semi transparent green cloth, can be removed.

Moving below, we got her semi transparent green cloth, covering her pantie. I don't know what's this green cloth called, it's weird if i called that a towel, so yeah I'll keep calling this green cloth. Once again, MF is great! They made a nice detail on this green cloth, especially around her pantie. Notice that there are some folds around.

The green leaves on the side of her hip.

This leaves is a removable accessory. But i don't think you want to take it off because, it'll leave a small hole. It won't be easily seen from 30cm distance, but you don't want to see a hole in your beloved Elwing's body, right? But you have to remove this if you want to take her green cloth off or put it back on.

Just see this for a second and continue on, the good part is still covered.

You might want to miss this photo and continue scrolling below. Because her butt still covered with this green cloth. I too doesn't have much to say about this because, yeah... the interesting part is right down below.

Another painted nail, if you noticed.

Her base and her feet. Her left feet is somewhat floating, so the right feet is supporting almost the whole body. I'm not worried about leaning, because her right feet is actually screwed on the base, just like Koto's Shining Wind figures series. Too bad Max Factory didn't do this in Kureha. As a result, my Kureha got a broken peg, and she can't easily stand.

You buy this figure because of this.

As i said before, the green cloth is removable, and you got Elwing with only a sexy green leaf bikini. She's become even sexier, hotter, and even more delicious. Right now, i am displaying her without the green cloth, just like the photo above.

Elwing bikini version is IMO the best Elwing figure there ever was.

Elwing is sooo beautiful. I never actually realized this until i bought my first Elwing's figure: Elwing Shining Wind version from Kotobukiya. And from that time, i started to worship hunt other nice Elwing's figure.

HAWT! This is what i want to see from this figure.

Hmm... very nice view.... This is what i called bikini. Almost the whole body skin is visible. I don't know much about girl's pantie, but i played H games (Artificial Girls 3), and i know Elwing's pantie is 2nd hottest pantie available. FYI the hottest pantie is G string IMO XD . Anyway, notice that there are some nice sculpt detail around the upper edge of the pantie. This pantie is made of leaf, and that details makes it real.

After you see this, you definitely don't want to see the green cloth covered one.

Have you done what i said above? Because if you've done it... then you saved some energy and time used to see that unsexy green cloth covered butt. We want to see real (figure) butt, and this is the answer. Max Factory is great! The skin shading and sculpt can brought this figure to life!

POI of this figure : skin paintjob.

And we came into the POI section! I declare that POI of this figure is her skin paint! Yeah, i keep talking about skin shading and paint and stuffs.... While i was editing these photos, i noticed that some part of her body really looks like it's a real human. Max Factory did a great job on doing the paintjob especially on the skin.

Well that's it for this figure review. Anyway, my dad gave me a job, a real programming job. My task is to develop a automated computer system for ground (truck) transportation company. Yeah, my dad owns a traditional ground transport company, and the company still uses typewriter to create their report. This is the reason why i delayed my post of this review. I have to bring my computer to my dad's office and develop the system there.

For now, i've already done photo session of Al Azif swimsuit. The only thing left is just edit the photos and post it. I also scheduled another photo session in Thursday night and Friday night. I hope i can get 4 figures photographed at most. So yeah... as always... look forward to it!


  1. nice photos :)

    and grats for getting the job :D

  2. cute, you're right, it does look like Naru's.

  3. I always love your shoots sonic!!!!!
    It's sooo nicely done and this one is just as good!!!!!

  4. @ron~
    Thanks ron~!

    It's the same leaf bikini.

    And thanks as always!

  5. Her face is pretty indeed. Painted nails? Now that's detailed. Nice shoot.

  6. @M12
    Yeah, that's why i like Elwing, she's too pretty.

  7. the color of the BG really match with her

    i always wonder.. where did you get the BG >_<

  8. @Vixion
    It's a carton (i don't know the real English, CMIIW), i bought 5-6 sheets and i bought them in bookstore, is just as simple as that.

  9. I digg painted nail figures. I prefer pink becuase it looks very pretty on their hands. :3
    Love the shoot.
    If only I was into the series, I would get her.

  10. @Optic
    Thanks. I think you don't have to watch the series to get this figure. If you happen to find this, i think you should buy her right away.

  11. i like this figure
    it's cute.....

  12. @wili_huang
    One of the best masterpiece in my collection.

  13. yum, i've always been drawn to the shining characters... they're all soo kawaiii~ ^^ i don't have too many figures in swimsuits but lately i've been more and more enamored with them.

    i think the green cloth thing is called a sarong? whatever it is, i love those ^^

  14. @meronpan
    You could start collecting swimsuits figure with the expensive 1/4 GSC Nanoha.

    Well, maybe that green cloth can be called sarong. But in Indonesia Sarong is longer than that. Maybe it's just a plain green cloth tied on the hip.