01 January 2009

Happy New Year! ~ 2009

A new year greetings from Noe and friends.

This is the first day of 2009, and i already spend my time sitting in front of my computer and blogging. So before everything else starts, let me say this first:
Happy New Year 2009! 2008 has ended and today is a start of a brand new year, so let's make this year became another great year of our life!

Haruhi + ponytail + yukata = moe!

As an otaku, i think our concern in this year 2009 is global economic crisis. We have to withstand a high exchange rate while all manufacturers keep announcing a line-up of great figures such as Alter's Teana and Louise, Max Factory's Extravaganza series, etc. I guess we have to be wise with our money and expenses, so we won't regret what we've done / bought.

Fate also greets you a Happy New Year!

I myself started to find some programming job, it's pretty hard to get one really... I still don't have any title and experience yet, so it's gonna be hard. I'd like to focus on Java developing and web developing (PHP, Javascript, and MySQL). I think this year I'm gonna focus on taking my Oracle Administration Workshop exam and getting the OCA title first.

Nanoha too....

Wow, it's a new year and i already ranted this much!? I just feel like it anyway. Talk about new year's resolution... I never think about it. But yeah, i still have goals to reach. Well that's it for now, i hope this year will be a great year for us all. See you in the next post!

Oh and i think I'll use the rest of the holiday to do some photo sessions of the new figures, so keep looking forward to it!


  1. Happy New Year~

    You should definitely work on your SQL skills. If you can work at it, SQL developers get a pretty decent salary.

    WISH YOU LUCK IN 2009!!!!!

  3. Happy new yearrrr!!!!!!!!

    good luck with your job

  4. @Adun
    Sounds good to me.

    Thank you and happy new your to you all.

  5. Happy New Year mate. ^^

    Yeah, the global economic crisis has put some heavy restraint in my wallet. A lot less PVC's this year.

    Best of luck in reaching ur goal. The key thing is, 'never give up'.

  6. @Optic
    Happy new year and thanks! I'll keep that key in my mind.

  7. Happy New year!
    I like the True Tears and the Fate/Nanoha images :D

  8. @yuuwaku
    Happy new year to you too!

  9. Yeah, happy new year buddy. Good luck with finding a programming job. It's hard, but once you're settled, everything will be fine :).

    Let's pray for some neat anime titles this year :D!

  10. @M12
    Happy new year, and thanks!

  11. I love the Fate pic *saves*. good luck this year finding the job you're interested in!

  12. @acesan
    Found it in Danbooru with new_year tag. Anyway thanks!