21 January 2009

Sakagami Tomoyo - a very late haul

My first PA box in 2009.

It's the first loot of this year 2009, too bad it's not an item that released in January 2009. It's an item that already released in December 2008. I'm pretty surprised with this time shipment. It took 1 and a half month for this item to arrive in my place. If you're talking about custom, no... this figure is custom free because the price's below USD 50.

Sakagami Tomoyo - Clannad.

It's Sakagami Tomoyo from Clannad, manufactured by Kotobukiya. I've missed the first release because at that time i haven't even started collecting any figures and Clannad even haven't aired yet. Talk about Clannad air time, i think Kotobukiya made a great move to re-release this figure. Kyou and Tomoyo weren't really that popular in the 1st release, but after Clannad finished airing Kyou and Tomoyo's popularity went up to the sky.

Kotobukiyaaa, where's her megane!!!???

Tomoyo is my favorite character in the anime. She's beautiful, plus i like her grey long hair. She's extremly cuter if she wears her megane, MEGANEKKO MOE! XD . Yeah, i like a girl with maid outfit or a girl with megane. Too bad there is no Tomoyo figure with a megane attached. Heck, in my figure collection, there's no figure with glasses except Nendoroid Nagato Yuki.

The mystery: why only Tomoyo wears casual clothes?

I don't know why Kotobukiya picked this casual clothes plus apron for the figure, because the other Kotobukiya Clannad figures are wearing school uniform. But that's the uniqueness of this figure. But i prefer Tomoyo in her summer school uniform (plus megane!) over this casual clothes.

There's no alternate parts at all.

Here's a list of thing came in this figure box: Tomoyo herself, a pan lid, and a Tomoyo ribbon magnet. Oh and i also got a Soldner-X sticker from Play-Asia, but i don't know what's Soldner-X so i don't bother with it too much. Does anyone who got this figure already attached their ribbon magnet somewhere? For me, i (still) stored this ribbon magnet in my computer desk.

Tomoyo = Cute!

Overall, this figure is cute. Because it's a figure of Sakagami Tomoyo! And complete with casual clothes, apron, pan, and cute bear slippers. Her face expression is nice, except there's no smile on it. The only thing i hate is her stockings, yeah... i prefer she doesn't wear that, it's sexier that way XD .

Simple, nice, cute...

Well, another figure added to my figure review backlog. But yeah, that means i still have object to photograph! For complete reviews and nice photos of Tomoyo you can see at Optic and Ace. For my review, well... just wait for it :P . So yeah... see you at the next post!


  1. Grats on your aquisition ^_^. I'm actually a bit worried about my one, because it looks like it has started to lean backward? Not sure because of the way she is standing...

    Yeah, forgot about the glasses. Too bad she doesn't come with a pair, but maybe you could make one? it wouldn't be tooo hard ...

  2. I find it strange how it took 6 weeks for it to arrive. Only time I had anything take that long was from eBay.

  3. @acesan
    Something strange with the peg, i think that's the casue, mine also looks like it's going to fall backward.

    Yeah, i kinda used to 3-4 weeks, but 6 weeks is just too much! Maybe because Indonesia got too much holiday in Christmas week (25-29 are filled with red mark in calendar).

  4. Nice Tomoyo figure!!!!!!
    Be waiting on a photo shoot of here!!!!!

  5. @Rin
    Don't worry, just wait and see if i can get her photographed soon.

  6. Very nice. Tomoyo is my favourite Clannad character. I thought about getting this. However, I already got the Tomoyo After version long ago. I like this one more, though~

  7. @M12
    If you want to find one, i think Play-Asia still has this figure available to order.

  8. Nice figure...saw her up on pa and thought she looked nice :P

    I'm still waiting for a package from them myself though. Over two months and nothing yet :\

  9. @yuuwaku
    2 months!? That's totally loooong! I hope nothings happen with your package.

  10. Strange, I never got an incoming pingback from u. :s
    At last u got her. Wow, that is a long wait.
    As for the ribbon magnet, I gave away to a mate. He is a big tomoyo freak (i mean fan xD) and considering he didn't get her, I decided to give him the ribbon magnet instead. He was jumping for joy. :P

  11. @Optic
    Haha, your friend really a Tomoyo fan. I mean there's only Tomoyo shillouete on that ribbon magnet, and he's already jumping for joy.