22 January 2009

Lottie Gelh - Chrono Gate

Lottie Gelh from Soukou no Strain.

Okay, it's time for another review of randomly bought from event figure. This cutie here is Lottie Gelh from Soukou no Strain, manufactured by Chrono Gate. Actually i never heard of Chrono Gate at the first place. I thought this figure is manufactured by Kotobukiya, but i was wrong. There are 3 figure manufacturer logos on the box: Kotobukiya, Happinet, and Chrono Gate. That's why i thought the manufacturer was Kotobukiya.

Manufactured by Chrono Gate.

Speaking of randomly bought in event figure, i bought her because she's cute and cheap. Yeah, i think she's the cheapest PVC figure i ever bought in my life (excluding gashapon and fake bootleg sh**). Her real price is somewhat around JPY 5000, and the store owner give her a price tag with IDR 200k on it (JPY 2000++), and with the help of my bargaining power i got her for IDR 150k (JPY 1500++). That's a very great deal i suppose.

Is she a real cutie? XD

Cute and cheap, yah... those are the reasons why i bought this. I never knew anything about her before, and i never heard about this name before. Her name and anime are written in katakana on the box, so it's hard to see who's she and where's she came from. But as always, my impulse didn't stop me from purchasing this cutie.

Super cute loli!

I've been doing some research about her. I found out that her name is written Lotty Gelth in Tsuki-Board. I read the katakana on the box and it's written like this: ro~ti gera. Whatever her name, doesn't change the fact that she's a super cute loli character. Thanks to noel, i got a clue about her and even i got the whole series transferred to my HDD.

Cute, but... why they made her covering her cute smile like that?

The biggest challenge you find when you doing a photograph of this figure is her hand and her smile. She's smiling, but you won't see her cute smile from this angle, she's covering it with her right hand! It's pretty hard to get a decent photo of her smile, so let's take a look on the next photos.

What're you thinking Lottie?

Judging from the pose, she's definitely think about something. What's she thinking doesn't matter to me, but yeah this is my first trial of getting her smile captured on the camera. It's pretty much still covered though. But i think you already seen a small portion of her smile. If you want to see more, then let's move on to the next photo.

Can you see her smile? Wow... it's cute!

Ah yeah, just as i thought, on the 2nd trial i tried a photograph from above, and i think it worked. Her smile is visible from above, but too bad, if you're going too high, her face especially her eyes will be covered with her front hair.

Drill hairstyle.

Enough with the smile, let's move on to the next part. She got a drill hairstyle, just like Matsudaira Touko from Marimite. Except Lottie only have single "main" drill and 2 on the edge of her side hair. Her ribbon is just... well.... pretty normal to me, just an accessory to add the cuteness of Lottie.

I think this is the first photo of (normal) figure ear in this blog.

Most of my figures have their ears covered by their hair. I think only Elwing's ears stand out the most (well she's an elf with elven ears). So this time, i used this opportunity to capture a figure's ear. Yeah... Lottie's hair doesn't cover her ears, so i can get a photo of one of her ear. I'd say it's pretty nice detail, sculpt, and paintjob there.

Nice shading here.

She's wearing a space-aged military uniform, with vest on top, and a one piece. From the back it's look like it's a separate. You can see they gave a good touch on the texture and shading on Lottie's back. Sometime if the shading isn't too hard, you should give it a touch of photo editing. Changing contrast could be a good choice.

Photography tips: If you feel like your photos are flat, no shading and no highlight, use your Photoshop, and edit the contrast setting. The higher the contrast, the more difference the photo get between shadow and highlight. The lower the contrast, the shadow and the highlight will blend and it'll turn out flat. But use it wisely, don't over-contrast your photo because a over contrast bright highlighted area will hurt people eyes.

Ergh... yet another flat chest, right after a flat chest.

She's a loli, so you should know how big... err... i mean how small her chest will be. She's a loli so she got a high possibility to have a flat chest. For DFC fan, i think this figure could be their favorite.

See a seamline?

This is the right hand which is covering her smile. I can see seamline accross her finger. But it's pretty small, and i think you can't clearly see it with your bare eyes. Anyway i have no problem with her skin color, it's not glossy, but it lacks shading, skin shading.

Left hand with nails but not painted.

It's the left hand here. Nothing interesting here. It's just her nail, it's sculpted but not painted. Her hand look so big here, but if you see her actual size, you'll know that her hand is sooooo small, and not to mention cute.

Lifted mini skirt, hmm.. nice... A sign of easily visible pantie.

This is the skirt, but actually it's not a skirt. It's one piece actually. It's kinda interesting to see a lifted mini skirt here, easy to see what's below it XD . I like girl wearing mini skirt, one piece, dress, or something to that effect, looks feminime and nice.

Nice shading and sculpt, don't be confused by the color, it shouldn't be that blue.

Just like the photo of Lottie's back before, you can see here that sculpt and shading on her skirt is very well made. Except that the dark blue shadow on her skirt isn't really that blue. I used Landscape Canon picture style for this photo, that's why it turned out like this. Landscape picture style focused on highlighting blue and green colors on the photo.

Mandatory pantie shot!

Not to forget, the mandatory pantie shot. A sky blue pantie i see.... XD . And you can also feel her smooth and soft thigh. It makes you want to feel more of this. Not much i can say about this, just... enjoy the pantie shot!

"She's floating" -> that's the POI, weird huh?

The POI of this figure is... well... she's floating! Yeah, a weird POI today. She looks somewhat floating. And i think that's why her skirt is kinda lifted up. I don't think you can find any loli cute anime girls, floating, smiling, and thinking about something. It's a rare combination of pose you see... That's why i decided that POI of this figure is "she's floating".

So this concludes another session my figure review. Next will be Airi or it could be Haruhi Alter. So far i haven't done anymore photo session, so yeah my backlog stayed the same except I've done Lottie's post. The rest is still waiting to be posted and to be photographed, so yeah... see you at the next post and look forward to it!


  1. Cute and cheap is my favourite combo. It's neat how she's floating like that. Nice choice of blue background. It suits the character well. Neat photo shoot =D.

  2. chrono gate have a nice figure but somehow their prices just so high for me [for that kind of quality at that time]:)

    that's wai i never buy from them lol [well, they also make non popular character , one of the reason too]

    i prefer not see hersmile :d

    she likes confused , or maybe thinking :) so cute

  3. @M12
    Yeah, cute and cheap.. that's right. Anyway thanks!

    Hooo... I never knew anything about Chrono Gate, and yeah, i agree that Chrono Gate make non popular characters, i think that's why i never heard of them.

  4. Nice shoot!!!!!
    Great deal on price too!!!!!

  5. Have u checked out the series? Give ep. 1 a go and believe me, u WILL be hooked. It just get's better and better after that. It's my favourite series of all time and I got the Sara Werc figure because of the series. ^^

  6. @Optic
    The main factor i watch anime is about graphic. I've taken a peek of Soukou no Strain (thanks Noel for giving me that) and i've seen bad graphic, so i guess i'll watch it later on.