03 January 2009

Happy birthday ....

Yay... a birthday cake from Tsukasa!

...to me! Yeah, today 3 January is my birthday. I'm 20 years old now. It's a very long journey up until now.... Well, there's nothing much i can say here, really... Anyway, it's my first birthday post in this blog, because this blog itself haven't reached its birthday.

Well that's all for now. See you in the next post!


  1. happy birthday to you
    i wish you all the best

    success for your blog and college
    i love you :p

  2. @wili_huang
    Thanks! I love u too.

  3. HAPPY BDAY!!!!!!!
    Now you reached the big TWO O!!!!!!
    Your also the legal drinking age in Japan...lol!!!!!
    My bday is in Feb...your only older then me by a month...damn...

  4. Happy BDAY >.<
    Wait, this means I'm older than you (I'm turning 21 this april)... I thought You're older than me!?

  5. @All
    Thank you!

    Yeah, next month, we're at the same age again! Anyway, i already drank a glass wine 2 years ago.

    @Hourai Ningyou
    Yeah, i actually got into school 1 year earlier than a normal kid. And i think you got 1 year later.

  6. Happy birthday! You're no longer a teenager. Hope you had a nice celebration?

  7. @M12
    Thanks, and yeah... I celebrated it with my family and my girl.

  8. Happy belated Birthday :) you are still 20 years young!