23 December 2009

Fate Shin Sonic Haul


A huge PA box, long time no see.

This huge box arrived around 1-2 weeks ago. As expected, i didn’t have any time to open the box, and photograph the haul, so… i left this box untouched for almost 2 weeks. You should already know what’s inside: it’s huge, it’s new, and the content is mentioned on the title. It’s Fate Shin Sonic version.


Fate T. Harlaown Shin Sonic Form.

Fate T. Harlaown with her Shin Sonic Form, the lightning wizard, at least that what’s written on the box. This figure was pretty much announced very long ago, suffered a number of delayed release, and finally released at the end of November. Pretty long wait for an “ultimate item” like this. FYI, Mio and Nanohaa Exceed mode were also affected by the delays.


Yet another masterpiece from Alter.

You’ve seen a lot of Fate’s prototype on the web before the release. It’s not a surprise what kind of look she’ll get and what kind of accessories she’ll have in the box. The size too isn’t really surprising since you already knew how big Fate gonna be. I did expect that this box will be as big as Hayate.


3 layers, each with cover.

Her hair is i think the thing that took out most space. Her right twintails isn’t permanently attached to her head. The twintail is separated and you have to attach yourself, i guess it’s about the size, the box will get bigger if the hair pre-attached. This box is pretty extreme with the plastic protection. There are 3 layers covering the parts: the first layer is Fate and her hair, the 2nd layer is her weaponry, and the third layer is the base.


All about Riot Zanber parts.

I did remember seeing Fate’s prototype grabbing her twin sword Riot Zanber. But i didn’t know that this Fate came with that huge shit ass ultimate combined Riot Zanber. It’s damn HUGE, and i mean it! IT’S HUGE DUDE! The biggest weaponry I’ve ever seen in figures world. Anyway, Fate came with a lot of parts: 1 big Riot Zanber (combined) and the sword hilt, twin Riot Zanber blades and the cables, her hair, her alternate left hand, 2 metal pegs, her white base, and a set of transparent sword base.


A front look of Fate with twin Riot Zanber.

Anyway, Fate does look good on this form. She’s somewhat minimum on cothes and maximum on skin exposure (alright Fate in her bikini from GSC is better on skin exposure, but hey… it’s better than her normal uniform). Her hair is swaying all over the place, it’s cool. And her battle expression is better than ever!


A back look of Fate with her Riot Zanber.

It’s another look of Fate from behind, giving you another feeling of this figure. FYI, that yellow connecting cable wasn’t made of rubber / elastic material. It was made of a hard plastic, so i guess you have to be careful in dealing with this cable.


Looks can kill.

She really gives a very nice action packed facial expression. And the cool part is, her mouth is covered with her front side hairs. For a photographer, it could be a nice challenge to get the best part of Fate. Banzai Alter for bringing Fate alive!!!


Twin sword Riot Zanber, side view.

If you have problem with spaces, then you should skip this figure. But if you’re a huge fan of Alter or Fate, then this figure is a must get. So how would you provide space for this figure? That’s for you to figure it out. But if you’re low on space, i guess you’ll have to stick with this twin sword Riot Zanber. Why? See below…


Combined Riot Zanber. Ultimate.

The DAMN HUGE ultimate combined version of Riot Zanber is GIANT! It’s larger than her normal Zanber form. It’s larger than her body, larger than any figure weapons I’ve ever seen, and ultimately… larger than my figure parts repository box XP. It’s hard dealing with this blade in MANY WAYS.


Huge = problems.

I said about hard dealing with the blade above in many ways. Yes… There are a lot of factor why this blade could pose you problems:

  1. It’s huge and long, and you need to put the sword base in front, so… space problems for display.
  2. You can’t keep it in normal box or your everyday box, you should proceed with caution if you’re trying to keep it.
  3. Photographic problems. That blade could cover her face from certain angles, and left only small angles to get her face,

Problems? Yes… well, it’s huge so it’s a problem. But it’s damn huge so it’s cool! XD


Can you display Fate with her huge shit ass blade?

See how big it is? I wonder how many people could display Fate with her blade. Since i myself will put her on my subwoofer, replacing Hayate’s place. So there will be no space for the long blade and its base.


The Nanoha series weaponry.

For reference, here’s a photo of all the Nanoha series figures’ weaponry i have in my collection. From top: Alter Fate’s combined Riot Zanber, Alter Fate’s twin Riot Zanber, Alter loli Fate's Bardiche Zanber, figma Fate’s Bardiche Zanber, Alter Hayate’s Schwertkreuz, and GSC Nanoha’s Raging Heart. Hayate’s Schwertkreuz has the same size as Fate’s twin Riot Zanber, pretty surprising, I always thought before that her twin Riot Zanber were pretty small.

Anyway, that’s it for Fate Shin Sonic haul. I guess I’ll be back for another post tomorrow, so… Be sure to check it out! See you at the next post!


  1. Its really very impressive and attractive. I like it. I think others will like it and find it useful for them. Good luck.Bathmate

  2. the box may be huge but is totally awesome!!

  3. @bathmate: thanks man!

    @phossil: yeah, i totally agree. It's awesome indeed.

  4. Just curious, were u still eligable for free shipping? I read it cost many almost the same price for a average 1/8 scale figure. :S

    I'm looking forward in getting Nanoha. Are u getting her btw?

  5. @Optic
    No... that free shipping stuff is valid just for air mail post (the cheapest one). Too bad Fate's too big for that airmail post, soo... the option is gone and they only left you with EMS, FedEx, or UPS. I chose EMS and it took me IDR 350k (around USD 30).

    Anyway, I'm getting that Alter Nanoha exceed, but i'll pass on Alter loli Nanoha (stand by ready). Do you plan on getting them both?

  6. Wow,350k just for d shipping fee?
    gotta admit,it IS awesome!!!!

  7. That's right, the box is just too big, that's why it's expensive.

  8. @sonic
    I will try but there's no guarantee. She's quite pricey for a figure that don't look like a 1/7 scale. :S

  9. @Optic
    Would be cool if you can get both! XD

    Good luck anyway!